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TᕼE IᑎᗪIE ᑕOᑎᔕᑌᒪTᗩᑎT

Product • CX • Service Design

Heatherlee Nguyen is a freelance UX Designer who takes on 2-3 engagements per year.

“Active participation in the process of creation is our right and our privilege. We can learn to measure the success of our ideas not by our bank accounts but by their impact on the world.”

Change by design

A R E A S – of – F O C U S

Product (UX)

I’m a digital native. (Well, basically). I didn’t grow up with a smart phone per se but I was always working on digital products, from 2009 and beyond.

Service Design

I work end-to-end. Not just digital. There is no siloing in design. It’s circular. Intentional. I’ll get as detailed as needed but always thinks big picture.

Customer Experience

I think brand loyalty. Relationships. You’re only as good as your least happy customer. I’m a more strategic UXer thinking about the long-term.

email me for more info: heatherlee.ux(AT)

Meet Heatherlee Nguyen

I’m a Twin Cities Designer hyper focused on cultivating empathy and radically including users in my process. In 2017, the why became clear. 8 years into my career, after 3 years of supporting high profile projects for Optum (+ UnitedHealth Group), I started my own consultancy motivated to move fast & fulfill a greater purpose.

My claim to fame is the diversity of thought and experience I bring as a “job jumper.” Over the years I’ve proven that not staying anywhere too long fuels open-mindedness and ultimately, better work. As a working mom, fiercely dedicated to community, I believe my unique life experiences and evolving perspectives are a value-add for any team trying to innovate and create change.

When I’m not keeping office hours I’m outdoors cycling, practicing yoga and doing all the mom things.

I can’t share a lot of my work publicly. For work examples and case studies please contact me directly heatherlee.ux@gmail.

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Thanks to all my clients

In August 2020 Black Designers Ignite launched it’s inaugural event!