My Why

It was a hard decision to start working independently. I love being completely immersed in a problem, embedded on a team, iterating. But as motherhood really kicked in and the world around us started changing so fast, I made the jump.

Here’s why I said goodbye to FTE gigs and became an independent consultant..

Commitment to

grounded in purpose

Diversity of thought
& experience

new perspectives

Lifelong learning
& leadership

student + coach

Flexibility to Connect

Making connections out in the world motivates me. Whether it’s studying nature to make more sense of a design problem or scheduling coffee dates to meet people doing great work.. I consult and operate under flexible hours. Why? to make connections with my communities.

Diversity of Thought & Experience

I don’t like when we’re all the same. I believe diverse partnerships make products and services better for everyone. For me, there’s a special balance between immersive, in-person collaboration and divergent thinking. I’m seeking to work with people I’ve never met, on problems I haven’t heard about. Why? to be a more compassionate, open designer. for new perspectives. to learn the most I can from as many unique experiences as possible.

This is why you hire me.

Never not networking

I’m always out there meeting people. New projects, new partnership, new problems to solve. Whatever the reason, I’m never standing still. I am not locked down with one group of team members or one box of tools to use. I know a lot of really talented people, managers, colleagues, fellow consultants.. and we’re always sharing ideas. When you hire me you kind of hire them, too.

Opposite of ladder climber

I have no interest in your job or getting to a certain level within the org. I’d rather go down the ladder.. get on the ground level with the users and people powering your company. I don’t expect to work in the perfect environment and I will always push for the best, not for a year-end bonus, but because I believe in it.  

After Hours Enthusiasm

Being inspired matters. And let’s face it, the spark of creative genius doesn’t always schedule itself from 8am – 5. I do some of my best work at 10pm, when the world starts sleeping. So I keep my days and nights fluid for serious heads down time, only meeting with you when we should. Why? to take advantage of those moments of mania. When those juices are flowing, I can flow and really produce.

Motivation to move fast

More often than not my projects have a start and end date. Even though “Design is never done” I found myself able to produce much faster with much less red tape after leaving the FTE world. Doesn’t mean I was always right but I could have a hypothesis, prototype, test, discuss, and iterate all in the matter of weeks, days, hours even.

Let’s face it, your in-house team can easily get bogged down with town halls and putting fires out. I have 6 months to a year to produce real results for you. I’m bringing my bias toward action.

People, Products, Problems with Purpose

Choosing what I work on is a privilege. I was never good at saying no.. but now I know when and why to say yes. I am deeply motivated by meaningful work. I say yes to people making positive impact. To products I believe make a better world. And to problems worth fixing. Why? to use my skills for a greater purpose. to leave the world better than I found it. to use my privilege wisely and make my work matter.

It’s more than me being able to pick my kids up from school and work from home, it’s also about reducing my carbon footprint, working smarter and putting my energy into the moments that matter most. When I am living my most balanced, healthful life YOU reap the benefits.

So ditch the recruiters, let’s get to work!

When my schedule permits I take on a few clients a year. Whether you want need me to lead a 3-day workshop or you want a UX/UI expert on retainer, let’s chat about your ideas.

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Looking forward to meeting you!

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